Homeslice – 20″ Pizza in Neals Yard – Covent Garden

Fancy pizza lovers head this way!

If you love pizza, are very hungry and quite adventurous with your toppings head this way!
Homeslice offers wood fired 20″ pizzas for £20 which I thought was a pretty good deal! You can also get a large slice for £4.

Toppings vary from;
caramelised onions, Kalamata olives and anchovy
wild venison with kale, onions and dukkah
mushroom, ricotta pumpkin seed and chilli
xo pigs cheek with collard greens, pecorino and crispy onions
and of course margherita for anyone that fancies something a little more basic.

We went half and half and my word, it was delicious!
You can also get ‘Frizzante classico’ – Prosecco by another name for £5.

I would recommend Homeslice for anyone fancying a casual lunch and is quite open to trying new things! It get very busy and the Covent Garden restaurant is first come first serve. Homeslide – 13 Neals Yard, London, WC2H9DP. Closest tube station is Covent Garden.



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